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Numerological analysis

Is it possible to make an appointment for an individual consultation?

  • Currently, I focus on doing descriptive numerological analyses. These are comprehensive descriptions of your numbers, which you receive by email. You can go back to them at any time. You can order a descriptive analysis at any time without leaving home. The available descriptive analyses are HERE.

What is the price of a numerological analysis?

  • It depends on which analysis you want to order. Available are Personal Analysis and 12 Months Forecast- you can find information about prices HERE.

Is it possible to receive an analysis faster than within 5 working days?

  • Due to the high volume of orders, the delivery time is 5 business days. In exceptional situations, after placing an order, you can send a request for faster processing by email. If possible, I will try to fulfill it.

I want to pay from a foreign account, how can I do it?

  • Please send me a message by e-mail and include in it information about the currency of your choice - you will receive transfer details.

I don't remember my name from confirmation, is it necessary in the analysis?

  • Yes, if you order a Personal Analysis. If the name from confirmation was given to you, it exists in your energy. Without the name from confirmation, the energy from the names studied in the Package will not be correct. If you order the 12 Months Forecast, the name from confirmation is not needed.

What kind of data is needed for the Personal Analysis?

  • date of birth
  • all the names you carry / have carried
  • all the surnames you carry / have carried
  • your signature in private situations ( 2 examples )
  • your signature in official situations ( 2 examples )

What kind of data is needed for the 12 Months Forecast?

  • date of birth
  • first name
  • current surname

When in the process of purchase I will be asked for data for analysis?

  • After ordering, you will receive a return message to the email address you provided, with a link to the contact form. In it you will be asked to provide the data needed to create the analysis.

I would like to order a numerological analysis as a gift. How can I do it?

  • After paying for the order on the website, you will receive an email with a link to the form, where you fill in the data for the analysis. You can fill it with the data of the person to whom the gift is for with his/her e-mail address, or send the form to the gifted person to fill it himself/herself.


Other questions

Is there a discount in case of placing an order for several products?

  • Each analysis takes a certain amount of time and energy. Many people order several analyses for themselves and other family members or friends. That is why prices are fixed.

Are master numbers taken into account in numerological analyses?

  • A master number is information about your talent. I describe it in the Personal Analysis. In the 12 Months Forecast, I take into account what kind of number you are without the talent description from the sub-number.

Can I get advice on choosing a name for the baby ?

  • The child, when coming into the world, chooses you to be the mother. Therefore, your intuition will tell you the best what name to choose for the baby. I've always been taught that you shouldn't set names for children, so as not to interfere with their karma.


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